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My Story

Welcome!  My name is Paul Aldrich.  I’ve been fishing since I was very young, becoming completely hooked when an 18 inch pickerel ate my 4 inch perch.  How awesome was that?! :-)  Growing up with my older brother Steve, we fished all over North Worcester county, brooks, ponds, rivers , lakes, ice – everything we could walk, bike and eventually drive to with a canoe.

Every summer got us one and sometimes two family weeks on the Cape.  We soon learned the magic of sunrise on School House Pond, and night fishing at Barn Hill boat ramp.  A  Cod trip out of Chatham with Captain Casey and a charter trip to the Monomoy Rips, and we were hooked!  I also did many Canal trips which included buying my first Penn Squidder and canal rod (pretty used! :-) )  at Biff's Bait Shop.  (I still have and use that reel.  :-)   

Along the way, I’ve had several boats with electronics, and was always impressed with how much information those units could provide when used with all of their features.  I always enjoyed trying all the features on my units to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

As a retired Electrical Engineer, I still have that passion for using the sonar and all of the navigation tools.  That inspired me  to start this business – to help people optimize their electronics, have fun, and catch fish! 

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