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I offer SONAR, Navigation, and electronics coaching and training on your boat! 

 I want to make sure you have the best fishing and boating experience possible!  All major brands are supported, and all functionality of your unit such as interpreting images, creating and editing and importing / exporting waypoints, routes and tracks, setting up various panels, etc. can be demonstrated on your boat.  We can also set up your boat network if you want to utilize the features and  functions of Active Captain.     

Sonar Training Details - get the most out of your equipment!

  • Equipment display setup (multiple screens, split windows)

  • Equipment integration

  • Understanding SONAR, basic and advanced

  • Interpreting Sidescan, basic and advanced

  • Downscan analysis, basic and advanced

  • Equipment Settings Optimization

  • Recognizing thermo clines

  • Transducer settings

  • And more!

Dockside Coaching with a client

 Navigation - What every boater needs, fishing or not!

  • Understanding Waypoints, Routes, and Trails

  • Learn how to import, Export and edit Waypoints and other data to your equipment

  • Use your cell phone to enhance your boat equipment with common cell phone apps

 Fishing Instruction - You can see them on the screen, now lets catch them!

  • I can help you with any fishing question you have.  And I mean that.  We will catch fish!

Weather+Tides - Are 2 foot swells on 5 second intervals a problem?

  • Use the tide information on your equipment

  • Know how wind affects your fishing and boating

  • The best weather apps for your phone

  • Find the best source for wave height and wave period

FOG - Do you know how to use your Radar?

  • Know how to tell another vessel's speed

  • Know how tto tell another vessels direction

  • Master your Radar before you need it!

  • Protect yourself from other less responsible boaters!

Safety - Do you  have a game plan if something goes wrong?

  • Situatioinal planning can prevent a lot of problems

  • Everyone should have Basic safety training and equipment 

  • Understand how to use your radio and GPS in a dire situaton

Tuna Mate Services  - Ch 68 is on fire and you haven’t had a bite?

  • Spreader bar setup – standard bars and sidetrackers

  • Deep drop jigging – spinning or conventional

  • Finding Live bait in the water column using SONAR

       and nature’s hints

  • Live lining Macs

  • Landing the fish

  • And more!

Troubleshooting Equipment Issues

  • Is it operator error or something a little more serious?  :-)

Are you the next Client? 

   Fishing with the Client!   

Catching with the Client!  

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