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Here are a few people I have fished with and helped along the way.  These users own Lowrance, Garmin, Raymarine and Simrad.

Cape 4_edited.jpg

Dave T.

I have fished with Paul numerous times over the years, from albies to Giant Tuna, and everything in between.  Whenever I have a question about my Garmin electronics, Paul either knows the answer, or finds the answer in time for our next trip.  Paul was also working as one of the mates when I caught my PB commercial tuna.  Whether it is electronics or tuna fishing, Paul is a good man to have on the team.  (Fishing all around the Cape, Nantucket Sound, Monomoy, East of Chatham, Buzzards Bay)

Darrell S.

I have a Lowrance unit that was giving me problems, and the help from Lowrance wasn't helping.  I asked Paul to give me a hand, he was able to get my unit working correctly, and my maps displaying properly.  I struggled for a long while, as did Lowrance, without any luck.  Thanks to Paul, I was able to get the unit working properly!  (Fishing Central Mass and Lake Bomoseen / Champlagne, Vt.)

Igor V.

I got a new boat with a Simrad unit that was unfamiliar to me.  I went fishing with Paul, and he got involved with setting up the unit and tweaking the settings to make it look more like my previous unit.  We were able to get fishing in a very short amount of time!  (Fishing Cape Cod Bay, Stellwagen, Regal Sword, The Canal, Rhode Island)

Mike W.

I'm a commercial fishermen who was migrating from Raymarine to Garmin.  It was a big change, as I have been using Raymarine for a long time.  Paul coached me up, explained some of the new technologies, and the install ended up going smoothly, and the unit works great!  (Fishing commercial out of Chatham)

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